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Yantai Functional Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to FX), is a leading global provider of electrolyzed functional water equipment manufacturers, electrolysis of water theory research and application development.

"As the creator of the new technology of electrolytic functional water! " FX spends a lot of R & D funding for new technology, new product design, and research institutes at home and abroad enterprises to carry out exchange visits. Sustained investment in research and always maintain the leading position in the global, and in a water depth purification, activation functions, electrolytic ionization control, energy saving heating and achieved fruitful results, every year dozens of new products launch.

"Adhering to eliminate environmental pollution, improve the quality of drinking water, people to drink safe water!"Corporate vision, our products are divided into two major categories of CE (Civil Equipment) and IE (Industrial Equipment), more than 20 series over 150 varieties. FX industrial equipment as a green, environmental protection, pollution-free products, which produces electrolytic functional water can completely replace is now being widely used chemical products, used in beverage, food, industrial cleaning, machining, Agriculture and Agro-by-products, medical and other fields, on a global scale, the elimination of the environmental pollution caused by industrialization humans. Household, commercial products to remove harmful substances in water, improve water quality indicators, health and sanitary drinking water for families and groups.

As a company with the right to import and export enterprises, FX as the "quality of life." In Shandong and Guangdong, with R & D, processing base, has improved the water quality laboratory, capable of simulating generate different indicators of water quality, the equipment for quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Our domestic customers both China Petroleum and other enterprises, but also throughout the country for home users. Our international customers are located in the United States, Japan, Hungary, Singapore, Ghana, the world's five continents and more than a dozen countries.

Future-oriented, FX will be "a first, pragmatic, integrity, dedication," the spirit of enterprise, to cooperate with you to share high-quality products, sharing a healthy water environment.